Samsung G800 – Fortus Mobile Phone Review

Samsung G800 – Fortus Cell Phone Review

Raising the factors in Mobile Imaging

The most recent accessory for the little, but growing, number of 5mp camera phones may be the stylish Samsung G800. Although this amazing slide phone wasn’t the very first having a 5mp camera, the G800 may be the first cell phone to incorporate an optical zoom with your a top quality camera. This Samsung masterpiece can also be among the best searching top quality camera phones presently available.

The most recent imaging technology can’t yet be packaged into an ultra-slim, super lightweight casing, however the Samsung G800 feels safe to carry and is a perfect size to take pictures. The shiny, silver casing is subtle, but sleek, and also the G800 sports a classy slider design. The entire colour screen occupies the majority of the phone’s face, calculating 2.4 inches, and is ideal for viewing the incredible pictures taken using the phone’s camera.

An easy navigation pad is situated at the end from the screen, together with two soft keys and also the call buttons. The Samsung marvel slides available to display an average flat, slider-style keypad. The very best row of buttons might be harder to gain access to, however the other keys might be easier distinguished compared to buttons of numerous smaller sized handsets. Turn the G800 over and also the handset transforms right into a camera, quite similar and similar to a passionate camera.

The 5mp camera is easily the most appealing feature of the stylish slider and there’s without doubt why. The Samsung G800 is presently the premier camera phone and may seriously rival a number of 2010 hottest handsets, such as the iPhone. Besides the G800 take camera style photographs that may be printed in your Pictbridge compatible printer from the handset, additionally, it features numerous features formerly only available on standalone cameras, like Wide Dynamic Range and face recognition. This camera phone also has a user-friendly camera-like interface that’s a first for cell phones.

The Samsung G800 takes both videos and pictures featuring integrated editing software for. The optical zoom feature pushes the G800 in front of the competition and the strength of a genuine Xenon flash ensures perfect shots night and day. The background music player and integrated, stereo Radio are simply as impressive, supporting all common formats and supplying top quality seem.

The G800 is a brand-around good cell phone. The interior memory is much more than many handsets, at 160 MB, along with a storage device slot enables limitless storage for the favourite songs, pictures, and games. The Samsung G800 supports most kinds of messaging, including email attachments, featuring 3G connectivity in addition to Bluetooth. Regrettably, wi-fi connectivity was forgotten.

Besides the possible lack of wi-fi and also the somewhat bulky size, the G800 is really a stylish phone that’s paving the street for camera phone technology. The Samsung G800 might just generate the recognition of the year’s most opulent cell phone. It’s tough to follow-up around the effective U600 and G600, but Samsung has been doing it effectively and may think about the G800 to become another feather in the cap.