Samsung F700 – Fortus Mobile Phone Review

Samsung F700 – Fortus Cell Phone Review

Ultra Smart and Ultra Sleek Touchscreen Breakthrough

Making its bid for touchscreen cell phone domination is Samsung’s 3G Smartphone, the F700. It might look much like the iPhone, however, many may argue that it’s far better, especially individuals who are utilized to the older Samsung phone models. What you should not find around the older mixers helps make the F700 stand out may be the large full control touchscreen. Although the Samsung G600 or G800 will require a navigation key or perhaps a joystick to scroll using your phone’s menu, the F700 is only going to need a light tap on screen.

Quite a few users have complained there are a lot of taps to make around the cell phone simply to make or answer calls. There’s grounds with this – the touchscreen is ultra sensitive. Even though you must unlock a few security buttons before you answer your incoming calls, or make outgoing ones, you’ll be confident that the telephone will not unlock in your wallet and begin calling random people by itself.

Another unique and exciting feature from the F700 may be the full-sized Texting keyboard that slides out quietly for simpler text and email composition. There’s also an on-screen Texting keyboard, but because the touchscreen phone is really a new technology, Samsung thought first-timers want to be eased directly into it and provided an alternate. Like several Texting keyboards, you need to key in texts and emails with on the job the Samsung F700. This ought to be simple to master, because it is the same as typing on your pc keyboard, and quicker than texting on the regular mobile keypad.

The F700 is a lot more than an Ultra Smart touchscreen cell phone. It operates on an HSDPA network to rapidly hook you up to the web, which is enjoyable because of its huge 2.78 inch-screen and HTML browser. Its 3G technology enables 3G compatible features, particularly video calling, and also the phone is Java supported, and that means you can install favourite applications, in addition to have a slew of accessible games. Its offline mode is yet another valuable feature even when your phone is unusable for calls, you may still use all of those other cell phone’s features, like the 3 megapixel camera with auto-focus, the recording recorder and also the video and music player. The Samsung F700 also includes free Bose earphones to provide you with an exciting-around better seem experience.

As it features a full colour touchscreen along with a full slide board having a keypad, the Samsung F700 may appear too big a telephone to lug around. On the other hand, this mobile unit fits snugly inside your hands and it is surprisingly lightweight. It is because the casing consists of plastic. Fortunately, it does not look plastic, because the finish is ultra sleek and polished, so much in fact the phone might even appear slippery. Quite a few users happen to be afraid of getting the F700 accidentally slip from their hands. However, this phone is simply too smart and sleek for your to occur.