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Hi everyone how’s it going, Serge Siou here, in this episode, I’m going to demo why I think that Notability is the best all-around notetaking app for the iPad and Apple Pencil.

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Let’sGet Started.

Notability is a powerful yet simple note taking app, that gives you the ability to combine text and your handwriting to annotate PDFdocuments, markup photos, sketch illustrations and offers a wide range of note-taking and sketching tools at your disposal.

And with a recent update to version 8, Notability has included several unique features that simply make it the best note taking the app for the iPad and Apple Pencil. Build Your Own Mobile App Without Coding For Free


Let’s take a quick look at some basic settings available to you when using Notability and then move on to the new features recently introduced in Notability version 8.


Therefore; simply open Notability and let’stake a look at some basic settings.


Firstly, to change the overall look and default options available in Notability, simply tap the Settings icon, located on the bottom left-hand corner of your screen.

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Choose where to automatically store your notes as shown here or my personal favorite is iCloud.

Manage you Cloud accounts by simply logging in or out of the following cloud services shown here.

Now; tap on Themes to change the overall color and appearance of the Notability interface.

To change the default Note title and color of paper tap on Document.

And to change the default typing format tap on Typing.

The rest of the settings are pretty self-explanatory.

Simply tap Close to continue.

Let’s now take a look at some of the basic features available from the Toolbar. 


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Type Text directly on a specific area of your page or choose +Text Box to have more control of where Text should appear by dragging the TextBox anywhere on the page.

The Freehand Pen allows you to draw anywhere on the screen, Markup photos, sketch illustrations or annotate PDF documents, Highlight specific text or items using the highlighter tool.

Erase anything using the Eraser tool.

The Scissors tool allows you to draw around particular sketch or handwritten note in order to Style, move around, resize, cut, copy convert to Text or delete a particular selected section.

The Hand tool allows you to Move or Scroll your page.

Tap on the Microphone for voice recording and even take notes while recording.

Once finished, tap on the play icon to review what was recorded.

When you’re finished editing your notes, simply tap the share icon shown here to send it via email in PDF or Notability’s Note format or store in the following services listed here.

These are some of the basic features available in Notability.

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Now; with a recent update to version 8, Notabilityhas included several unique features that simply makes it the best note taking app forthe iPad and Apple Pencil.


Multi-Note allows you to work on two notes side-by-side as demonstrated here.


As demonstrated here, handwriting is now searchable across the Notes Library or on the current Note you’re working on.


There’s a new Note Switcher that allows you to switch your notes from left to right or switch to a new one.

And finally #4.

A long-awaited feature has finally been added.

You’re now able to convert your handwriting to Text as shown here.


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