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Hey guys welcome to the second episode in the Android development tutorial series in the last video we saw how to instal Android studio and how to set up the base project in this episode we’ll take a short tour in handles to do and we’ll see emulator and we’ll see how to run our first app okay so if you remember in the last we left at this place so now we’ll get started the first thing you need to do is you need to take your Android phones if you don’t have an Android phone don’t worry you can install something called emulator. Read today¬†Android App Maker.

Emulator is just a piece of software which runs on your system something like this you know you can use it like your android phone so I’ll link to some description was below on how to installthem it is very easy to install emulators no don’t worry about it because I’m not showing in sure okay so for people who I’m sorry about that haha alright okay so for people who are using their Android phones take your phone take a USB cable and connect your PC and your Android phone then what I want you to to do is this is only for people who are using their physical devices for people using their emulators this is not required so for people who are using their physical devices go to settings yeah go to settings go to about phone in the bottom part if you scroll down you will see you know to mean called bill number okay so you just click on it seven times you have to tap on it seven times so once you tap on a four seven times you will see a toast message that message something like this which says longer as you’re a developer now.


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I’ve already done it that’s why I’m getting no need to do it but since you’re doing it for the first time you see a different message here so once you need that message I wanted to go back if you go back you will see that about just above the about phone option you will see something called developer option this is very important for us okay so go into developer options if you scroll down slowly you will see a also called Android debugging you should this Android a bug should be on so if you Dre the description there it says enable the Android debug bridge interface that is the Android debug bridge interface it is this an interface which allows us to connect our Android studio and the phone so that you know you can run the app directly from the studio, okay, for now, that’s all we need to know about it okay so once you enable the Android debugging go back and now let’s get back to Android studio.

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So if you look at our Android studio you might see a lot of options here it may be really overwhelming don’t worry about it right now I’m gonna I’m not gonna go through each piece and tell you what it does what I’m gonna do is I’m gonna go through the state pieces in the Android studio as we keep learning so whenever we need to learn something I’ll teach you then because if I teach you all now will be really overwhelming and forget it okay so I’ll teach you whenever you need to know the specific function so you remember it easily okay so if you remember when we well when we were setting up the adults you know the base at the base app you remember we created something called the main activity you would ask.

what is an activity so a screen in an Android app is called an activity any screen so suppose let us assume I have this ad called minimal to roof so if you go inside this app sorry for the distortion there is some problem with my wiser software and that’s why this dispersion is there yeah no its fine see huh alright so if you take this app in any screen is called an activity so this screen you’re seeing right now here this is an activity.

if you click on the plus button you seeing a screen right now this screen is an activity if you go to settings you are seeing a screen right now it is an activity so if you go to about you seeing a screen so these are for activities okay so this app has for act so I hope you understood what activities are activities are just screens in an Android application so for any Android app you need screen right so that’s why when we started we created something called main activity so when we start our application that that is activity which is going to be displayed.


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So what exactly is going to be displayed let’s go and thing let’s go to I understood you check it so if you go back to and I studio click on this project tab in the left corner ok if you click on it you’ll have this app and Gradle folders open the app folder and you’ll see photo called manifests now we’ll click on the manifest folder so right now this is called the Androidmanifest or XML whenever you are app runs this is the first field this is the first layout that’s gonna be done on that, okay it comes. Click Here For More Detail: App Maker

okay so what I’m one of things like an Android app see what happens okay I’m gonna come down I’m gonna see application okay so this is an Android app so this label so the name of an app is my first app this is the label okay label my first app these thingsI’ll explain later on as we go on if you come down you’ll see activity Android name is dot main activity so this is the activity that we created when we startedthe project looking to come down if you see this tackle intent filter you willsee an action and a category action is main categories launcher so what thisbasically says is that whenever anyone opens your app the first thing that’sgonna launch is the main activity okay so the manifest the Android comes withit seems okay the user has opened this application my first app the user hasopened this my first app and it comes here and sees ok main activity is thelauncher so we have to launch main activity and then it’s gone and then itgoes to main activity dot Java file ok so it goes mainactivity.

Java file it is public last main activity at this point it doesn’t know at this point just know it’s an activity ok when it comes to Exxon’s ab compact activity it know okay this is an activity this you know Java right, so you know what action means I’ve come back is the parent activity main activity is child activity so it comes it says okay it exits AB comes back activity so it gets the properties from app compiled activity it knows okay so this is an activity we have to launch it.

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it comes down it comes to on create this oncreate method runs anytime the activity started okay suppose you have you haveone main activity and you have a settings activity so you go to settingthe settings activity and when when you come back to main activity it’s createdagain right so basically when you go for the main activity or settings activitythe main activity is destroyed it goes to the settings activity when he comesback from it it’s again created right so anytime the activity is created this oncreate method is executed okay sorry the next line don’t worry about rightnow I’ll explain it later this third line is very important set content viewor dot layer dot activity main what does it mean okay so for any and for anyactivity there are two components okay one is the XML component and what is aJava component so you might ask why do we need two components is this anactivity so how just have one file and then do I believe everything so thing iswe are for any activity right so since you have one XML component our componentif you go to the act.

if you go to the activity main or XML file to go to go tothe XML file go to the left the project’s tab click on app and go tothis press is short for resources okay so if you go into res you have a layoutfolder if you click on it you’ll see their activity and the score main to anexample double click on it will open so what we basically do is this activitymay not XML is like HTML in websites so if you know web basic front-end webdevelopment you don’t know that HTML and CSS is just to position the views yousuppose you have a paragraph tag sorry suppose in in the web page first youhave a nav bar then you have a header then you have some paragraphs.

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so in thismelanthius you just make sure it looks how bad you want to look right that’sthat’s exactly what’s happening in this activity underscore main dot XML sowhatever we do here supposed to click on this text view anywhere you will seethat this thing is highlighted okay so in this XML file with this code on howthe absolute how the activity should look okay it’s exactly like HTML and CSStogether okay so the XML file is for the layout then you met me asking why do weneed Java file that is the same functionality as Java scripting webdevelopment here is some interactivity right when you click a button somethinghas to happen or you know when you swipe something has happened so all the allthat is done in Java so the XML is for the UI to the user interface and theJava is for the user interactivity so suppose you have a this this is called atextview so you have a textview and you have a button when you click thatbuttons suppose the text the text has to changeso that is all done in Java okay so in this main activity what we’re sayingthat for this activity to the UI should be whatever is given in this I have gotin this activity mean so what does an r dot layout so we need a way to you knowjoin the activity main.


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Xml and main activity right in the case of webdevelopment we have a script tag which combines the HTML and C and theJavaScript together right so the same frame this R is a class which hassuppose you have like 20 22 20 30 XML files this our class will have areference to all that all those XML files from then you taking the layoutsbecause this is a layout right so this is called layout so from the R class youtake in the list of layouts from that you’re taking activity underscore mainso this set content view should be there in every activity and uncrate.

so whenthis set content you said the and I think okay so this is the XML for theactivity and I should displayed and it displays it ok I hope this until thispoint is everything is clear to you guys if you guys have anyat all comment below and I will reply as soon as I can okay so yeah we’ll run theapp we’ll see what happens and then no bill in the session for now in the nextsession don’t really this is the last session with theory the next sessionwe’ll get into coding we’ll make some we’ll make then we’ll make some awesomelayouts from next session almost okay so if you go to the right top not thecorner in the middle part you will see a green triangular button okay this is therun button what this does is when you click on thisbutton the app watch whatever code you’ve done it is installed in the phonein the form of an application so that you can open it and test it okayso let’s click on the Run button if you don’t see anything here come if youdon’t see anything in the connected devices it just means that you don’thave a physical phone connected or an emulator open if you don’t have bothjust download an emulator open it open the sad the emulator and then come hereor if you have a phone connect the phone to the USB connect the foreign computerwith the USB cable and then come back here if you have a phone remember to dothe procedure that I told you earlier because it’s very important if you don’tdo that you won’t be able to see this see the option here so select yourphones and then click OK once you click OK the studio will start processing ifyou see down you see a thing called Gradle build running so Gradle is just something which converts our code into an application that the dot ap came itdoes all the it combines everything you note into one package and then installit installs it in our phone so let’s just wait for the Gradle to run whenyou’re running it for the first time it’s gonna take a lot of time ok we needwhen you run it for the possum it’s going to take five seven minutesdepending on your computer speed don’t worry the rest of them it’s going to bepretty fast ok so when you come back to your phone you will see see my abs isopen my first math so this is the app we have as of right now this is the defaulttemplate in in any Android app that you create but in the next video we’llcreate an awesome UI ok then you know we’ll learn the basics ofandroid UI development okay so I’ll see you guys in the next video bye.

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