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Technologies are moving forward all the time but, still, we can observe certain trends in different spheres of IT industry.

How To Create An App Without Coding Skills?

In December 2015, Apple presented a new programming language called Swift.
It is well-documented and has cleaner syntax compared to Objective-C.
The main goal of Swift is to make coding easier and provide developers with more comfortable cross-platform development experience.
Swift is already quite popular although the fact it is only 2 years old.
In 2017, the popularity of this language will only continue raising.
Users rely more and more on their devices to perform different tasks from drawing up a list of products for paperwork and financial operations.
Despite the fact, Apple’s devices are esteemed for their advanced secure infrastructure; the company introduced App Transport Security(ATS) in 2016.
It forces an app to connect to web services over an HTTPS connection rather than HTTP and from January 1st, 2017 it is mandatory for all developers.
Every OS tries to be more secure by improving or adding something.
That’s why security is definitely a trend of 2017.
Mobile devices are getting more popular and widespread annually.
Accordingly, mobile traffic has exceeded desktop traffic.

Free App Builder For iPhone And Android

This way, mobile commerce trends were born, broadening the shopping opportunities for consumers.
The latest studies show that consumers prefer mobile apps over mobile websites because of better user experience and the feeling of being more secure.
Besides, mobile devices have already surpassed desktops in average order value per transaction.
Except for this, the payment through mobile devices is as easy as never before.
Users are able to purchase thing on the go and pay for them not only with the help of a credit card but such services as Apple Pay, Google Wallet, PayPal etc.
This way, m-commerce will definitely continue to gather momentum in the world of digital shopping this year, bringing new customized solutions to users. Visit This Link To Read More Detail: App Creator
Apple’s devices are quite in demand amongenterprises.
Fortune 500 companies not only prefer using iPad and iPhone but write for them software for inner company’s goals.
By the way – Subscribe to our channel — we are going to talk about the digital music streaming apps next time! Moreover, the development of iBeacon technology leads to a real breakthrough in enterprise segment since it can be applied for commercial and marketing purposes.
The Apple Watch Series 2 was released in April2016.
From that time, the number of downloaded apps has exceeded 80 million.
Taking into account growing sales of the company’swearables, it is obviously a trend.
Since the market will be in need of optimized apps for watchOS.
Making things smarter, users get an opportunity to interact with them remotely, for example, to open up a garage door using the Smart Home system.
By the way, Apple has already launched itsHomeKit allowing you to control your IoT devices from their platforms.

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In business, IoT contributes to optimization of business processes, collecting and analyzing data.
AR devices are gradually conquering the market.
The same thing is with software.
A lot of apps start using AR technologies to give its users a new experience.
There is no need to look far, just remember the success of the Pokemon Go game.
What is iBeacon? It is Apple’s technology allowing mobile apps on both Android and iOS platforms to react to the Beacon’s signals in the real world.


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These signals depend on the user’s location.
In other words, passing by the clothing store,a user will get an advertisement on the screen of a device with special offers, sales etc.
Cloud technologies are a must when it comes to modern app development.
Apple believes in cloud technology future, so it continues the development of its cloud component so that users can count on the new features within the platform.
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