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Hi guys, this is Belal Khan and you arewatching simplified coding.

welcome, all of you to this brand-new series where we are going to learn to build a complete Android Application from scratch.

and this app is about wallpapers.

You can explore this type of application in Play Store.

Already there are a number of wallpaper applications so you can explore some of the applications for getting some idea about this project.


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So, I was getting this request for a long time that I should publish a complete series about developing a complete Android Application.

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So guys don’t worry here it is now and it will contain everything from web admin panel to userAndroid application now let’s think about the modules of this project it isa very simple application so we have only two modules the first thing isadmin module our application will display wallpapers to the user and usercan download and share the images our wallpapers but the point is from wherethese images will come on the application so for this we need an adminwho will upload images manage categories and will perform other tasks the thingis if this is my application I need a separate area where I will login andthen I will upload the wallpapers then these wallpapers will be stored in thedatabase and then in the user application we will fetch all the imagescategory wise to display to the user so this is the basic idea behind ourproject I hope you all got the point we will develop the admin module as a webapplication and we will host at in to firebase hosting ok so we are going tolearn developing a web app as well in this series the second module is theuser module and it is the Android application itself that they willpublish on the Play Store so that everyone can downloadokay pretty simple now let’s discuss about the tools that we are going to usefor this project everything is absolutely free so don’t worry the firstthing as nodejs this is needed for making a local serverfor the admin panel as I already told you that we are going to make a web appfor the admin area and as the backend of our application as in firebase so weneed to use JavaScript for the admin web app and for this we need node.


Js then as the IDE for our web application I am going to use Visual Studio code you can use other IDE if you want it’s completely up to you so these two toolsVisual Studio code and node. Create Mobile Apps For Business


Js as for developing the admin panel after developing the admin panel we will need Android studio for developing the user application and yes I am going to use Java in Android studio okay we are not going to waste any time and installation so I request everyone to please get all the tools and get your machine ready if you don’t know from where you can get these things the lengths are given in the description of this video okay you just need to go to the links download the tool according to your system platform and then install it as you install any other systems program okay so what we are going to do in this series so friends first we will develop the admin panel and for this we need node.

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Js and these were studio code so no Android studio while we develop the admin panel and after finishing theadmin panel we will start the Android studio project to develop our wallpaperapplication finally I will tell you how you can monetize your application usingAdMob and if you can make a good user base for your application then you canalso earn some decent amount from AdMob so we will also learn how we integration with our application then finally wewill publish this application to Google Play Store now honestly I don’t know howlong it will take currently I’ll be working on two series the first one as the typescript tutorial series and the second as dust wallpaperapplication series.

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I will try my best to post three videos on both playlistsevery week, okay now our first task here is completing the admin panel and forthis we will be using bootstrap framework with HTML and CSS for-designing the front-end JavaScript and jQuery for the application and ourback-end is fire based so we will be using many fire based services likestorage database push notification authentications etc so friends this wasonly an introductory video if you are excited about the series then pleasegive me a like and don’t worry I will post the next video within two days tillthen if you are not familiar with bootstrap HTML javascript etcetera thenyou can get your hands into these and you can use w3schools to learn thebasics these are very easy it will take a single day only to go through thebasics so please do it and then we will meet in the next video bye bye. Free App Builder

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